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Eric W. Porter, Broker | Champaign, IL

CCAR REALTOR of the Year

5.0 | 144 Reviews

Eric W. Porter is a real estate agent in Champaign, IL with over 30+ years of experience in buying and selling homes, for thousands of happy clients. Eric is part of a growing brokerage in Champaign known as The Real Estate Group, and is not only an owner, but also the managing broker for all the agents in the office. The Real Estate Group is based originally out of Springfield, IL and has over 200+ agents and over $750M annually in gross sales. Eric's decision to join TRG in 2022 was not only strategic, it was an investment in partnering with a truly amazing real estate brand. 

Regardless of brokerage, Eric has a massive amount of experience and local market knowledge that is unmatched. Eric grew up in Champaign and has a pulse on the market at all times. He is one of the best in the entire area when it comes to negotiating on your behalf and getting deals done. Everyone has a team, or a tool, or a gimick...Eric flat out executes and delivers results with incredible market knowledge and hands on client care. Curious if that's true? Check out over 150+ reviews on Zillow with raving clients and 5-star reviews from people who've experienced Eric's top shelf service first hand.

There's a difference between being a real estate agent, and being an expert in your field. Eric is an expert real estate agent in the local market. Working with him will be one of the best decisions you can make as he is someone who will steward your investment, negotiate on your behalf and work hard to help you realize your dream and your potential as a homeowner. Buying, selling, investing - whatever the task - give Eric a call today so you can experience a top-notch real estate transaction with an expert agent who's always got your back. 


About Eric W. Porter

With over 30 years of experience in residential real estate, Eric W. Porter is a highly accomplished realtor and the owner and managing broker of the Champaign Office of "The Real Estate Group". Based in Champaign, Illinois, Eric has established himself as a trusted and respected professional in the local real estate market.

Throughout his extensive career, Eric has built a reputation for his unwavering dedication to his clients and his exceptional knowledge of the Champaign area. As an owner and managing broker, he brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to his team, ensuring that every client receives top-notch service and support.

As a seasoned professional, Eric recognizes that every client has unique needs and aspirations. He takes the time to listen attentively, working closely with clients to tailor his approach and provide personalized guidance. His extensive network and strong negotiation skills enable him to secure the best possible outcomes for his clients in every transaction.


If you are seeking a seasoned and reputable realtor in Champaign, Illinois, Eric W. Porter is the professional you can rely on. With his extensive experience, leadership, and commitment to client satisfaction, Eric will guide you through the real estate process with integrity and expertise. Contact Eric today to benefit from his exceptional service and achieve your real estate goals.

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(999) 999-9999

(999) 999-9999


30+ Years in the Champaign Area

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Buying & Selling real estate for 30+ years all over Champaign County for thousands of happy clients!

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